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Thursday, 15 May 2008

What is in it for Nike?

Am I the only one thats thinking this? I hope not.

So what are Nike doing focusing their vast amount of resources on surfing? Is it because the founding member and board of directors are surfers? Is it because their shareholders voted to help promote the positive aspects of surfing? Do Nike want to help improve the environment and the oceans we use? Are they fighting back against the new range of Billabong football boots and Rip Curl athletic shoes? *


Do Nike want to squeeze every last penny out of surfing? Do Nike want to use their cash and buying power to gain market share on established real surf companies or even close them down? Do Nike and its corporate suits want to turn surfing into just another commodity that equals only profit in shareholders eyes? Do Nike want to deflect from allegations of child labour and work force abuse in their Asian Factories by latching onto an ethically forward thinking sport like surfing? Would Nike buy up access to beaches and charge for riding waves?

You decide...

Feel free to post your comments..

* Billabong and Rip Curl aren't making football and athletic equipment...that'd be as daft as Nike making surf gear!

1 comment:

Rick Sample said...

I think it's lifestyle brand play. Surfing's popularity on media like Fuel TV has really pushed this to middle America.

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