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Friday, 21 November 2008

Barack Obama: The Surfing president

Now this is a tricky question .....would the population of the USA or the world for matter prefer a partially literate, wholly inarticulate, self-serving, greedy US President who'd rather shoot squirrels, play golf and invade foreign nations with bigger oil resereves than his, or have an articulate, open minded fair President that loves to body surf?

Mmmm lets ponder that for a moment....

A US President who loves waves and Hawaii...this video and still were shot during Barack Obama's August holiday at Sandy Beach Honolulu, where he was seen chatting with boogie boarders (we can forgive him that ;) and body surfing a few waves. Good man

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Where is the heaviest, meanest, scariest wave on the planet?

Not all of us have surfed monster waves...but all of us are fascinated by them. This fun little poll is to find out which wave readers rate as the gnarliest, bad-ass, mother wave on the planet. Just click on your wave to register your vote below...

Criteria includes wave size, wave thickness, hold down potential, shark factor, water temperature, remoteness and any other random voodoo scariness. We have a webpage on the worlds biggest waves here, which might help the decision making process:

If we have missed any spots out you feel should be included, send us a comment or even any brave souls who have first hand experience of any of these waves email us your stories and I'll be glad to post them up here to share with the world

picture©2006 Tim Jones/Billabong XXL

Friday, 7 November 2008

Book Review: Saltwater Buddha-A surfers quest to find Zen on the sea

Its almost inevitable that living the life of a surfer will lead to a search; whether its a search for the perfect wave or sometimes its a search to validate, understand or explain the act of surfing itself. The latter is the intangible goal which author Jaimal Yogis has, in part, set out to attain in his nonfiction saga, Saltwater Buddha.

Many surfers who write (or even writers who surf!) have tried to capture the feeling of riding a wave in the written word and some have even likened surfing to a religion, but none that I know of have used religon as a metaphor or comparison, to imbibe a sense of meaning into what it feels like to surf a wave or be a surfer. Yogis has done just that by drawing parallels with his journey to surf and travel, with his study of Buddhism and quest for Zen.

Yogis story draws heavily on his buddhist influences which is conveyed in a genuine, self-effacing narrative style which explores a personal voyage of both physical and spiritual discovery. Its an engaging tale of a restless young man looking for direction in life through study, travel and a desire to surf, which sees the author living and surfing in Hawaii, France, Santa Cruz, New York and more.

Saltwater Buddha's Zen/surfing analogy gives a fresh perspective to the joy of riding a wave, set within an intelligent, thought provoking story which expertly captures emotions and situations which all surfers will relate to.

The quality of Yogis writing is up there with, amongst others, Daniel Duane, Allan Weisbecker, Kem Nunn, Tim Winton etc. Surfers and searchers alike will love it. Out in May 2009....reserve a copy!
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