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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

What kit do we really need? :Top 10 surfer accessories

Theres a massive choice of surfer accessories and toys available on the market today, from the sublime to the ridiculous (perhaps Surfer Monopoly for the latter?), but what constitutes a useful item required by a surfer to live a fuller life? Firstly we aren't going to include the obvious items into our top 10, because, when breaking it down to the absolute, all we need is wax and a surfboard, without these we ain't going anywhere. Then the next step up the chain is a wetsuit and leash which are a must for certain conditions. Without these items theres no point going to the beach. What we are looking at is the peripheral stuff that although isn't an absolute must, but will make a surfers life much easier. Heres goes:

1. Access to the internet: Years ago surf forecasting was a matter of seeing if a pine cone was open or closed and occasionally checking out the pressure charts in the newspaper or on TV. Forecasting a classic day was more hit and miss but a certain level of understanding weather patterns brought its rewards. Now all we have to do is log on to the web and its all there, swell heights, swell period, wind speed and direction, tide times, air and sea temps and theres even some websites that add all this together and provide star ratings to tell us how good its going to be and remove the necessity to even think for ourselves. Its a bit souless I guess but useful nonetheless. Then theres info on where and when to surf. The internet now seems to list every surf break on the planet with details on how to get there, where to park, where to sit in the line up etc...again its pretty souless but the info is out there.
2. Tide timetable: The world over the tide state affects our surfing experience to varying extents and catching the tide right can mean the difference between an epic or a crap session.
3. Fins: Theres a massive choice of fins available these days and choosing the right ones can make a big difference to your surfing
4. Keypod: Most of us use a car to get to the beach and for years we've had the dilema of where to leave car keys when surfing and for years we've just hidden them someone on or near the car. This has given rise to endless key mishap related stories, so the use of a Keypod key safe is a real bonus. Lock your keys in it and attach it to something secure. Alternatively use a waterproof pouch and take a key with you.
5. Changing Mat: There are a range of changing mats available but the Northcore C-Mat is one of the better ones. Open it up into a large flat circle and stand on it when getting changed so that none of the crap from the carpark ends up on your wetsuit, your feet are protected (useful in a gravel carpark or on frosty/snowy days) and your wet gear is kept safe and away from everything else when the bag is closed.
6. Board bags: A good board bag means that you can travel and it limits the risk of your mate smashing your board when chucking it in the van or when a grumpy baggage handler throws it into a aircraft hold.
7. A Car: Unless you are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of a surf break, then access to one of these things is damn useful. Ideally though get a diesel and run it on bio-fuel
8. Aircraft: I'm not saying buy one of these but by using one we can experience the joys of travel and surfing in amazing locations. It goes without saying that flying isn't eco friendly so try and offset all flights by using a CO2 offsetting scheme.
9. Sunblock: Obviously only necessary closer to the equator or during summer, but without it we'd all be burnt to a crisp and be scratching mysterious skin growths.
10. Lockjaw board lock: When going surfing theres going to be times when you need to leave your surfboard unattended, so lock it up with a board lock otherwise some little scally with look after it for you. No board, no surf

You may agree, disagree or think other items should be added but in the end its down to personal preference....happy surfing :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Aussie Bede Durbridge is Triple crown champ

Australian Bede Durbidge secured his second Foster’s ASP World Tour win and the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing Series title with a victory at the Billabong Pipeline Masters, the 10th and final event on the 2007 Foster’s ASP World Tour, today.

Durbidge posted 16.67 points out of 20.00 to finish first in the four-man final over Dean Morrison (AUS), Pancho Sullivan (HAW) and Joel Parkinson (AUS) respectively. The new ASP ‘Dual Heats’ format was used from Round 2 through the Quarterfinals and conditions at Pipeline, Backdoor and Off the Wall – the breaks within the contest zone today –were small and in the three-foot (one metre) range.

“I'm absolutely over the moon right now,” Durbidge said. “Obviously the conditions weren't classic Pipeline, but the competition was still pretty intense. We had the new dual heat format and a lot of guys were on the bubble for qualification so there were a lot of hungry guys out there in this event. I've just tried to keep a cool head all season whether it be with sponsors or freesurfing or heats and that was really my approach out there today. I'm absolutely stoked. It's a great way for me to finish the season and I'm looking to go even better in 2008."

Durbidge, who started the season unsponsored and financing his own way around the world, won US$40,000 in cash, a limited edition $25,000 Chevy Colorado truck and a custom $10,000 Nixon watch today. He is the first Australian to win the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Title since Mike Rommesle did so in 1997. With the exception of American Kelly Slater who claimed the Triple Crown Title in 1998, a Hawaiian has taken top honors ever since.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Occy Retires from Pro-Tour

Occhilupo, who at age 41 is the oldest full-time competitor on tour, was 17 when he finished 16th in the world in 1983. The following year, he was rated No. 3 and the year after he would win at Pipeline. However, too much too soon would prove to be near-fatal for Occhilupo who battled demons and dropped off the tour in 1987. A decade of failed attempts to regain his winning form went by before a rejuvenated and focused Occhilupo retook the ASP World Tour by storm in 1997 and finished runner-up to Kelly Slater. In 1999, Occhilupo won three of his 12 World Tour victories to post one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history by winning the ASP World Title at the age of 33.

”I really love competing and I’ll definitely miss that as much as my friends I’ve made on tour,” Occhilupo said. “It’s just been such a good ride, it’s been about 15 years on and off, but the time I took off and then came back and won my World Title, that was probably the best. No regrets, it’s been sensational and just to have all my friends on the beach today, I know they probably had to get up early to make it down here this morning, but they’re all there so that’s something that I’ll treasure and remember forever.”

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Stephanie Gilmore crowned 2007 ASP World Champion

Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) has just made ASP History as the first-ever surfer to claim the ASP World Title in their rookie season, having bested fellow contenders Sofia Mulanovich (PER) and Silvana Lima (BRA) in Round 3 competition today at the Billabong Pro Maui at Honolua Bay.

The 19-year old from Coolangatta, Australia, blitzed past opponent Rochelle Ballard (HAW) with a stunning performance to advance through to the Quarterfinals of the Billabong Pro Maui after rival Mulanovich went down to wildcard Keala Kennelly (HAW) in a surprise Round 3 elimination.

“Surprisingly, I did quite well to not watch Sofia’s heat at all, and I didn’t even know that Keala (Kennelly) had won until right before my heat was about to start,” Gilmore said. “That was interesting. I guess it was awesome for me. I was stoked. It pretty much just fired me up when I heard that, and then the next wave I got barreled.”

With Mulanovich eliminated, and following her phenomenal win over the veteran Ballard, Gilmore needed fellow rookie Rosanne Hodge (ZAF) to defeat remaining contender Silvana Lima (BRA) in the final heat of the day to seal the ASP Women’s World Title.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Europe's first artificial surf reef at Boscombe gets greenlight

Europe’s first artificial surf reef at Boscombe got the green light today. The Marine and Fisheries Agency has granted Bournemouth Borough Council a special environment licence to begin construction of the project. The Council is on course to start construction in spring 2008, with the reef anticipated to be completed in time for the October 2008 swell.

MFA chief executive, Nigel Gooding said: “We are delighted to be able to issue a licence under the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985. “A number of complex issues to ensure the protection of the marine environment had to be considered. The MFA had to take into account the potential impact of the reef on local fishermen and any possible danger to navigation. All the issues have been resolved,” he said.

The Borough has also approved the reef in its statutory capacity as the Coastal Protection Authority. Specialist construction material for the reef will be ordered, including the ecologically sound geo-textile bags from Australia and the webbing base from New Zealand. Roger Brown, Head of Leisure Services at Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “Christmas has come early to Bournemouth. This is the fantastic news that everyone has been waiting for.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Pipe Masters Kicks off in Hawaii

Defending Billabong Pipeline Masters champion Andy Irons (Hawaii) bolted out of the gates with a blistering performance in the opening heat of the competition today. Making the most of the morning's clean waves of six- to eight-feet, a combination of solid scores earned at both Backdoor and Pipe netted him the highest heat score of the day: 17.5 out of a maximum 20 points.

"It's always good to be at Pipeline with three other guys out," said Irons. "Even though it's 4-feet, it's a pleasure to be out there. It's the end of the year, it's the last event, it's Pipeline and there's so much hype. It's one of the best waves in the world."

"It would be really nice to have big Pipe and Backdoor," said Kelly Slater. "I think when it's bigger it opens up the field a little more. When it's smaller like this it becomes easier for the tour guys." Current Vans Triple Crown Series ratings leader Bede Durbidge (Australia) continued his stellar run with a first round heat win against local Fred Patacchia, former world champion Mark Occhilupo (Australia), and Daniel Wills (Australia).

The men's Billabong Pipeline Masters runs concurrently with the women's Billabong Pro Maui, held at Honolua Bay, Maui. That event was postponed today due to small surf. These two events will wrap up the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing for 2007 and determine this year's Series champions. The women's Billabong Pro Maui will also determine the 2007 ASP women's world champion.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Assist Al Gore to get the World's governments to address Global Warming

In seven days 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore is going to address the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia. Surfersvillage and Earthwave have signed his petition showing their support for the important call for a visionary treaty to address the climate crisis. We hope you will too.

The world's elected leaders must take the steps necessary to solve global warming. It's not too late. We have the opportunity now to improve the Earth's future for our children, and their children. If we don't act, we will only have ourselves to blame. Please spend one minute of your time to sign the petition today.

We encourage you to forward this page to everyone in your address book. The Climate Crisis is the greatest threat the planet has ever faced!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Laird Hamilton rescues friend in 80ft Hawaiian surf

WAILUKU, Maui — Ever in search of the 100-foot wave, extreme surfing star Laird Hamilton came to the aid of a fellow surfer off Maui. Brett Lickle, who was rescued by Hamilton, said of his dramatic rescue "the most intense thing I've been through."

Lickle said Hamilton stripped naked so he could tie his surf trunks into a tourniquet after Lickle suffered a huge gash on his leg in a wipeout on what he said was an 80-foot ocean wave. Lickle, 47, was recovering Wednesday at home in Haiku.

In the incident Monday at a tow-in surf spot called Outer Spreks, Lickle says he was cut by the fin of a board on the Honda AquaTrax watercraft he and Hamilton had used to get to the spot where the waves were breaking. He says he was trying to stay ahead of the monster wave, but it crashed down on him.

Hamilton is among extreme surfers who have pioneered in the riding of superwaves that ordinary surfers don't tackle. He and fellow big-waver Dave Kalama premiered a short film, "All Aboard the Crazy Train," on tow-in surfing in 2005, warning that it wasn't a sport for the inexperienced. Hamilton also was among surfers performing in feature-length films highlighting the sport, "Step Into Liquid" and "Riding Giants."

The outer reef off Spreckelsville is a big challenge for big-wave surfers. "If ever you're going to find a 100-footer, it's there," said Lickle. He and Hamilton had surfed the area in the morning and then returned in the afternoon when the accident occurred. He said only one other tow-in team was on the waves at the time.

Lickle said he was trying to outrun the looming water wall in the watercraft when it caught him. Hamilton was in tow. "I'm in big trouble," he said he told himself. After the wave crashed down on them, he reunited with Hamilton about three quarters of a mile offshore. One fear, Lickle said, was the blood from his wound would attract tiger sharks that hover around the Maui shoreline.

He said that after tying the tourniquet, Hamilton swam "like a bat out of hell" for about a half mile to recover the watercraft. Surfers said ocean conditions on Monday created waves of historic size. "There were the biggest waves that any of us have seen," said Buzzy Kerbox, another Maui big-wave surfer who saw the Outer Spreks waves but chose to taken on another surf spot.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Giant Spanish waves qualify for entry into Billabong XXL

Last weekend's big swell that struck Ireland and delivered the biggest waves on record, also saw Spain produce several BillabongXXL entries. Ibon Amatriain and Adur Letamendia surfed some Iberian monsters at Playa Gris, in Northern Spain. The photo here taken by David Gonzalez shows just how massive the swell was.

Ibon Amatriain an Invitee to the 2007/2008 Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational, in Memory of Eddie Aikau attended the event opening ceremonies in Hawaii last Friday, and immediatley afterwards jumped on a flight back to Spain in time to catch this outstanding Atlantic swell, and record his XXL entries

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rochelle Ballard retires from World tour

After over a decade and a half of competing amongst the best female surfers on the planet, Hawaiian powerhouse and all round nice lady, Rochelle Ballard will be surfing in her last event on the ASP Women’s World Tour, the Billabong Pro Maui at Honolua Bay from December 8-20, 2007.

The legendary veteran has had a star-studded career, finishing 2nd in 2004 as well as developing into one of the premier female big wave surfers on the planet. After a solid season in Hawaii already, look for Rochelle to punctuate her career with an impressive showing in Maui.

Her career highlights include a 2nd place on the ASP world tour in 2004

Pic: Matt Strathern

Monday, 3 December 2007

Surfers ride the biggest swell to hit the UK and Ireland in years

It look like the lads nailed it as Ireland was battered this weekend by the largest ocean swells ever predicted by the Marine Institute’s weather buoys (14 metres). The group of four surfers braved the stormy conditions to successfully take on the biggest waves ever ridden in the British and Irish Isles, off Mullaghmore Head, south Donegal Bay, Ireland. Duncan Scott (Newquay, Cornwall, UK), Alistair Mennie (Portrush, N.Ireland), Gabe Davies (Newcastle, UK) and Ritchie Fitzgerald (Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland) motored out at first light on two jetskis to await the arrival of the massive, storm-driven swells.

With manageable winds forecasted for early Sat morning, ahead of the arrival of the full brunt of the storm, the surfers had a fleeting window for tide, wind and swell to coincide favourably. The session produced what appears to be the biggest ridden surf ever recorded in the British and Irish Isles. It was, for these surfers at least, the ‘perfect storm.’

‘You could wait years for another opportunity like this. None of us have ever seen a more promising forecast to tow into some of the biggest waves of our lives,’ commented Portrush’s Mennie. The surfers had been watching the internet weather and swell forecasts for days in anticipation of the swell’s arrival.

Pic: Kelly Allen

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Record size waves predicted for West Coast Ireland today


Massive waves are set to batter the western shores of the British and Irish Isles this weekend, and a small group of dedicated surfers are ready to take up the challenge of riding the biggest swells forecasted in recent years.

Swell forecasters are predicting the arrival of powerful swells peaking Saturday afternoon of 38 feet (12.5m) high. There is an 18- second wave interval between the crest of successive waves, a daunting measure of the power behind these swells, generated by a 960 mb low-pressure system out in the Atlantic west of Ireland.

Once the swell comes out of deep water off Mullagmore Head, Donegal Bay, onto a shallow reef shelf, the waves can double in size as the wave crest is forced upwards by the changing seafloor contours, making waves heights greater then 55ft faces likely for the surfers.

The four surfers who are looking forward to the oceanic equivalent of summiting Mount Everest are Duncan Scott (Newquay, UK), Alistair Mennie (Portrush, IE), Gabe Davies (Newcastle, UK) and Ritchie Fitzgerald (Bundoran, IE.)

Friday, 30 November 2007

Wavepool in the Desert!

Here at Extremehorizon HQ we read this story with interest, not just because a surfable wave pool is being built in the desert! but its a sign of a whole new direction being taken in the leisure and tourism market. Its seems as though most of the worlds population has embraced the beach lifestyle (even if some of them have never seen the ocean) and surfing is becoming more mainstream every year. So if the people can't visit the beach and learn to surf, bring the beach to them. I've a feeling that these wavepools are going to pop up all over the place, with kids learning to surf without ever dipping a toe in salt water. These pools will also open up new opportunies to stage surf competitions, with audiences close to the action as the pools can guarentee wave height, swell direction and no wind on any or every day of the year. I would'nt be surprised if surfing wave pools wont feature in the Olympics some day. A wavepool isnt a bad thing and it will add a new dimension to surfing, but an indoor pool full of chlorine with mechanical waves will always be souless and is never going to replace the raw energy, unpredicatability and power of the ocean and nature.

Story: Mesa Arizona, USA to receive new Waveyard water complex

Waveyard is slated to become a first-of-its-kind tourist destination, featuring the largest surfing wave pool in the U.S., a multi-channel white water rafting and kayaking course, scuba diving and snorkeling lagoon, wakeboarding park, massive sand beach, and a resort hotel with an indoor water park.

Waveyard will occupy 121-acres on the Southeast corner of the Loops 101 & 202 interchange in Mesa. Waveyard will be in close proximity to the Mesa Riverview retail development, Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport and Arizona State University (ASU). The resort will generate an estimated $5 million in annual revenue for the City of Mesa and create more than 7,000 permanent jobs.

Through the practice of environmentally conscious thinking and the use of eco-friendly technologies during construction, Waveyard developers have ensured that the resort will conserve as much water as possible.

In fact, the annual estimated water usage at Waveyard will be directly on par with an 18-hole golf course. Waveyard will require a one-time fill between 30 and 50 million gallons. Daily use, evaporation and the splash effect will require between 60 and 100 million gallons each year. In comparison, a typical 18-hole golf course uses 144 million gallons per year.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Surfer saved by pod of dolphins

Police tape surrounds a Northern California beach after a shark attacks a surfer. The monster's teeth left a huge gash on the surfboard.

Todd Endris lost half his blood in the attack. His torso and leg are badly scarred, the result of seven hundred stitches to sew him up. Endris says the blow from the shark knocked him out of the water.

Endris recalls the terrifying attack, saying, "The first time he hit me he couldn't fit me in his mouth." He says the shark, which he estimated to be 18 feet long, was traveling at a speed of 20 to 25 MPH. He believes the shark mistook him for a sea lion. Endris says the shark took his entire leg into its mouth. Quickly he began to lose consciousness.

Then incredibly, a pod of dolphins surrounded him, distracting the killer shark. Endris tells INSIDE EDITION, "(the dolphins) formed a wall between me and the shark and that gave me just enough time and I started to swim in."

The dolphins blocking maneuver gave fellow surfer Joe Jansen just enough time to help pull Endris onto shore.

Jansen tells INSIDE EDITION, "it was horrific...just a massive gash, the full nine yards. It was about the worst thing I've ever seen in person."

Endris is thankfully that Jansen was there to help, calling him "the most heroic guy I know."

Now, the wounds have healed and Endris is in therapy, rebuilding his torn muscles. He's thankful the shark didn't kill him.

Story published by

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Surfers Against Sewage Annual Raffle 2007


Spend just £1 on a Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) raffle ticket and you could be a winner of some great ‘GREEN’ prizes; a fantastic £1000 in cash, an opportunity to star in your own surf DVD, a carbon neutral surf holiday in Fuerteventura, an Eco Surfboard and many more prizes many more prizes; and what’s more every ticket sold will help to raise much needed funds for the Surfers Against Sewage campaign for clean, safe recreational water.

Surfers Against Sewage is a not for profit organisation based in St Agnes and the annual raffle is the organisation’s biggest annual fundraiser. Last years raffle raised a whopping £9,000, which helped to fund a new ‘Mean Green Education Machine’ and it is hoped that this year’s raffle will raise even more!

SAS are proud to say that this year all the prizes in this years raffle are ‘green’; there are eleven GREEN prizes up for grabs all donated by supportive companies including Low Pressure, Maniac Films, Extreme Board Shots, Kind Design, Pointbreaks, Baggy Lodge, Global Boarders, Azul Surf Camps, Joel Blackman Boards, Buy Buy Bicycles, Surfers Path, O’Neill, Pendoric Bed and Breakfast, Ethical Superstore and Surfs Up! Surf School.

Tickets are on sale now for £1 each at the SAS Office, Wheal Kitty Workshops, St Agnes and online at

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Gold Rush-UK Big wave event

The Gold Rush

British Surfing Association
Fistral Beach, Newquay Cornwall
Date to be determined 2007/2008


With huge winter swells now on the cards, The British Surfing Association’s surf experts are currently scanning the weather charts for the ‘perfect storm’ that will allow them to run The Gold Rush, a speciality big wave event sponsored by Skinners Brewery, to be held at Fistral Beach.

Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success. Spectators were treated to some of the best contest surfing the UK had ever seen as clean 8ft waves (created by the tail end of Hurricane Gordon) pounded the Cornish coastline. In a dramatic final, Jersey’s Scott Eastwood took the £1000 winners cheque with a last minute barrel that earned him a perfect 10 from the judges and some serious respect from his peers!

Dropping everything and heading for big waves has always been the quest of keen surfers. But all too often contest dates coincide with small and or messy surf, resulting in lackluster performances. So the BSA came up with the innovative idea of a contest that would only happen when the surf is epic. With support from Restormel Borough Council and the RNLI, not to mention the enthusiastic surfers, the Gold Rush vision became a reality.

The event is called ‘on’ at 2-3 day’s notice, allowing near certainty of big, clean waves. For safety reasons, and to ensure a high standard of surfing, the event is invite only, with a field small enough to allow the BSA to run the event in one day, which can be any day of the week.

Karen Walton, National Director of the BSA says, “Last year was the first ever Gold Rush and it was just immense! With the opportunity for us to call the contest at 24 hours notice to co-incide with superb conditions, we can ensure that we’re providing the very best canvas that the ocean can provide and therefore continually raising the bar of competitive surfing in this country.”

The contest date will be announced on the BSA website as soon as it has been decided.

Photo: Tony Plant

Monday, 19 November 2007

Virgin Atlantic support surfers

Virgin Atlantic, one of the world’s leading long-haul airlines, has come to the aid of sports travellers by announcing that they can take one piece of sporting equipment in addition to their checked baggage allowance.
The announcement comes after rival carrier, British Airways, decided to ban surfboards and other sporting equipment, such as pole vaults and javelins, in the cargo hold on its flights from 6th November 2007.

This means that, as long as the equipment complies with size and weight allowances, Virgin Atlantic travellers can check in to the hold of the aircraft their diving equipment, golf equipment, fishing equipment, hang gliders, snow skis, surfboards, windsurfing boards, booms and sails, bicycles, paragliders, canoes and kayaks - all free of charge. Sporting wheelchairs are also considered sports equipment.

Paul Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director, Virgin Atlantic, said:

"Virgin Atlantic continues to be the airline for sports enthusiasts unlike others who are doing everything they can to prevent the gold medallists of the future transporting their equipment. Our new sports equipment policy enables all sports travellers, whether Olympic teams or not, to enjoy their journey throughout."

The sporting equipment can weigh no more than 32kg, unless with prior consent, and must not exceed overall dimensions of 62" (width + height + length). If the sports equipment weighs more than 32kg, the item will be treated as two pieces of checked baggage, excess baggage charges will then apply. Sporting equipment weighing more than 45kg will need to be transported as cargo and cannot be accepted as checked baggage. Larger dimensions are allowed for surf boards as outlined in the table below.

Northcore Boardriders introduce a new member to the team

Northcore's newest and yet to be named member is actually a cartoon character designed by Mike Vincelli who is the creator of the "Beachnuts Comic Strip" which is an insightful and sideways vision of the surfing world. Mike's writing is clever, amusing and the quality of his artwork speaks for itself. Northcore's concept for the new character was to produce a surfer who's stoked to be surfing head high waves in freezing water to represent Northcore's roots.

Mike Vincelli's bio says:

"We think Mike likes to surf, with head high, on-shore dribble in polluted water being his favorite conditions.

He took some art classes in high school and college, but got sick of drawing inanimate objects and disgusting naked people that shouldn't be seen in the nude, let alone be reproduced as art (so no, he was never an art major).Ba ba BeachNuts is the culmination of his 16 years of being a surfer and a hapless kook.

Also, to the utter disgust of his friends (he has friends?), he can be found in the lineup riding boards that should no longer be ridden - buy a new board, you cheap b*stard!"

More information on Mike's work can be found at

Northcore Boardriders are a British based, European surf & boardriding company with an International heritage, combining British innovation with English and Australian designers merged with Californian know how. Everything Northcore does reflects its roots in hardcore cold water surfing producing tough, practical products and custom surfboards all of exceptional quality, integrity and design. Currently the primary products are surf based accessories and surfboards but Northcore are continually working on new innovations in all the board riding disciplines to supply a growing demand for top end, technical equipment and apparrel for todays surf and snow board riders.”

Check out the new website at:

Or for further information on stocking Northcore products contact:

Thursday, 15 November 2007

2007/08 Mavericks surf contest

HALF MOON BAY, Calif., Nov. 13 2007 - On just 24 hours notice between December 7, 2007 and March 31, 2008, 24 legendary big-wave surfers will make the trek to Half Moon Bay, home of Mavericks, one of the most majestic and infamous surf breaks on earth, to test their individual skills and vie for the highly sought-after 2007/2008 Mavericks Surf Contest® title. Competitors will face the dangerous elements of the frigid northern California waters in search of the perfect ride on waves reaching heights of 30 to 40 feet.

The invite list is as follows:Matt Ambrose, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Ion Banner, Ross Clarke-Jones, Kenny “Skindog” Collins, Randy Cone, Danilo Couto, Shane Desmond, Brock Little, Greg Long, Josh Loya, Garrett McNamara,Peter Mel, Shawn Rhodes, Ryan Seelbach, Evan Slater, Tyler Smith, Russell Smith, Jamie Sterling, Anthony Tashnick, Darryl “Flea” Virostko, Grant Washburn, John Whittle Zach Wormhoudt.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Lincs surf report

Thankfully the predicted storm surge on Friday didn't do much damage in Lincs other than some sand dumped way up against the sea defences. The swell was a good size northerly but strong North winds on Friday messed it up. Sat morning there was no wind at all and low tide looked tiny, but the predicted swell picked up on the push along with moderate offshores to a solid 3ft with bigger sets. Surfed at TV which was a pit peaky with strong lateral rips and a long paddle out but it was clean with fun lefts.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Imbituba, Brazil – Australian Mick Fanning clinched his maiden Foster’s ASP World Title after winning the Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro in Brazil today. Fanning was in the water about to surf a semifinal heat against childhood friend Joel Parkinson (AUS) when Taj Burrow (AUS) was eliminated by Tom Whitaker (AUS) and his lifelong dream was realized.

Americans Kelly Slater and Andy Irons have monopolized the World Title for the last five years but Fanning’s win today makes him the first Australian to clinch a men’s ASP World Title since Mark ‘Occy” Occhilupo did so in Brazil in 1999.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Monster tube

I'm posting this blog for no other reason than this shot taken in Western Oz. Its been submitted for the BillabongXXL big wave awards and location is called Judgements. It was ridden by Justin Allport in July this year. This lad has huge huevos to be surfing and getting pitted on such a mental and downright lethal wave

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Mablethorpe surf report

The swell was small 1-2ft today but super clean/glassy and fun on the longboard. Sea temp is dropping noticably, but still managed OK without gloves and air temp was about 14c

Saturday, 3 November 2007

New look to home page

Extremehorizon have made a few changes to keep the shop home page as user friendly as possible. Theres a site map, some of the surf forecasting tools and webcam links have been shifted to their own dedicated page "Surf forecasting and webcams" and some of the stuff that wasnt required has been binned. Theres also some killer new images on the homepage header. Enjoy

Friday, 2 November 2007

Invite list for "The Eddie" 07/08 announced

The Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational, In Memory of Eddie Aikau have announced their invite list which goes up from 24 to 28 contestants this year, with a strong Hawaiian contingent. The Opening ceremony kicks off at the end of this month and the waiting period for a 20ft+ swell begins 01st Dec. The invitees are:

1. Andy Irons (Hawaii), 2. Brian Keaulana (Hawai) ,3. Brock Little (Hawaii), 4. Bruce Irons, (Hawaii), 5. Carlos Burle (Brazil) **,6. Clyde Aikau (Hawaii),7. Darryl Virostko (California),8. Greg Long (California), 9. Ibon Amatriain (Spain) **,10. Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii) ,11. Jamie Sterling (Hawaii), 12. Keone Downing (Hawaii), 13. Jason Ribbink (South Africa) **,14. Kelly Slater (Florida),15. Makua Rothman (Hawaii),16. Mark Healey (Hawaii),17. Michael Ho (Hawaii)
18. Noah Johnson (Hawaii),19. Paul Paterson (Australia), 20. Peter Mel (California), 21. Ross Clarke-Jones (Australia), 22. Rusty Keaulana (Hawaii), 23. Shane Dorian (Hawaii) ,24. Sunny Garcia (Hawaii), 25. Takayuki Wakita (Japan) **,26. Titus Kinimaka (Hawaii),27. Tom Carroll (Australia), 28. Tony Ray (Australia)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Whale found dead in Humber

A 40ft whale has been found dead, washed upstream in the Humber Estuary. Its most likely a Sperm whale which are deep diving mammals who feed mainly on squid which are also a source of fluids for them. The North Sea doesn't contain a lot of squid, so its been suggested by Marine life Rescue that whales can become dehydrated in this area and occasionally die. Sadly stranded or dead whales are found on the east coast from time to time, its such a shame we only get to see them in this state rather than breaching close to the surf line up.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Surfers make daring mission to protest dolphin killings

Dave Rastovich and Hayden Panettiere Make Daring Mission Back to Japanese Dolphin Killing Cove

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 October, 2007 : - - Tokyo - Less than 24 hours after professional surfer Dave Rastovich led an international group of over 30 surfers, celebrities, and musicians on a peaceful paddle-out ceremony to honor the more than 25,000 dolphins killed each year in Japan, fishermen in the tiny village of Taiji resumed the slaughter that had been delayed by the increased worldwide media attention.

In response, the surfers decided in solidarity to make a pre-dawn return to the killing cove to recreate the ceremony, albeit with fewer people to evade detection. Rastovich and the others paddled within a stone's throw of a pod of captive pilot whales and their calves that had been herded into the cove for early morning slaughter.

For more info visit:

Monday, 29 October 2007

Biodiesel surf vehicle

Here at Extremehorizon we try and do our bit for the environment....we're not all out mung bean eating, tree hugging, teepee dwellers but we attempt to have a social conscience and every little helps. Along with our Climate Neutral policy (we're one of the UKs first Climate Neutral surf shops) of planting 500 trees annually to offset our carbon footprint, we're now experimenting with biodiesel for our company car/surf wagon/kids taxi.
As surfers we tend to want to be green and environmentally conscious but the irony is we travel more than most especially in our cars so we're pretty heavy pollutors...but we can make things better. After doing a bit of research it turns out that its pretty simple to run a Diesel vehicle on biodiesel. (Quick disclaimer here, this is only opinion based on what we've tried and read, so dont take our word for it and sue if something goes wrong, like chucking veg oil in a petrol car!)
Theres 2 basic options: one is to install a conversion in the car to pre-heat the oil so the car can run on 100% veggie oil. Theres loads of conversions out there but can be costly. Secondly just add normal vegetable oil into the car to mix with the diesel! Sounds simple and it is. We ran the car out of fuel and added 30 litres of diesel and then 3 litres of veggie the car, let the whole lot mix and you're off with a 10% biodiesel fuel.
Next step was to go up to a 25% mix...the car is starting to smell a bit like a chip shop (cool) but other than that theres no other effects.

The details:
1. In the UK its now legal to run a car on veg oil. The allowance is 2500 litres annually without paying any tax!
2. You can run on a diesel veg oil of up to 50/50 mix but not recommended during colder weather. 30% mix and it should be OK
3. Only try this on older diesel cars 90's and older. Injectors on newer cars wont like it and you'll probably invalidate the car warranty
4. You will create less sulphur emissions and be much "greener". Its a sustainable energy source
5. The engine should run smoother
6. Its cheaper to run the car
7. Vegetable oil is best (rape seed oil) as its thinner
8. Veg oil can be bought direct from supermarkets but recycled oil from chippies and kebab shops can also used...but it has to be filtered and processed to make it clean/useable again - so take advice on this

If in doubt ask experts on what to do and do lots of research. But we've tried it and its working....happy driving and surfing!

Try this link for more detailed info:

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Chasing the biggest wave

Southern Hemisphere Already Producing Epic Rides in Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Lincs surf report

Sat 20th. Sandilands, Lincs UK. This morning saw the last day of a 3 day Northerly groundswell. The swell was 1-3ft with light offshores and glassy at mid morning. I surfed it mid-high tide but the wave was short and dumpy however the sun was shining and life is good :)

Friday, 19 October 2007

Uk Lincs surf report- 17th sept

Surfed a lesser know spot today a bit further south, which picks up the swell in a slightly better direction to allow longer peeling lefts on a north swell. Yesterdays swell was 2-3ft with bigger sets but moderate crosshores chopping it up. Water temp is definately dropping...the boots were worn for the first time this autumn. Only 4 of us out :)

Sunday, 30 September 2007


Theres a certain big US corporation throwing money at boardsports, their only interest is to grab profit and squeeze every last penny/cent out of surfing, snowboarding etc and no doubt at the same time they'll succeed in draining the life and soul out of sports we love....Dont let them do it!!

Check out this website formed to repel these suits.....

"This website is dedicated to keeping sporting goods companies from infilitrating our surf, skate, and snow industry. It is targeted at keeping them from "taking" from our industry, after we have built and cared for it with blood, sweat, and tears"

Monday, 24 September 2007

Unique Beach huts: Lincs coast

Five unique beach huts have been put up along part of the Lincolnshire coast in a bid to update the seaside.

The Bathing Beauties beach hut festival is taking place between Mablethorpe and Chapel St Leonards over the weekend.

East Lindsey District Council commissioned five new huts featuring contemporary designs which will be available for hire to visitors.

Michael Trainor, lead artist, said the huts would attract people to a "partly forgotten" stretch of coastline.

"The overall idea is that when all nine of the huts and some other small structures are in place, there'll be a linear gallery of architecture," he said.

"It aims to attract national and international visitors to this superb, but partly forgotten, 10-mile stretch of the Great British coastline.

(source: BBC)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Sandilands surfing today

Sandilands enjoyed a solid north swell, which had some 4-5ft sets. Conditions were clean with moderate NW winds holding the waves up for ages. It was a long paddle out and there were 7 other surfers in the water, which is a novelty for a mid-week day time session. It was good fun on some decent size waves at last

Lincs surf club on TV

Channel 7 Televison in Lincolnshire recently produced a short piece on the Lincs surf club and the local surf scene. Unfortunately the waves on the day were really poor, but it was fun to do. Check out the link here:

Monday, 17 September 2007

Extremehorizon launch all new KEYPOD car key safe

Extremehorizon are pleased to announce the launch of a fully revised model of the hugely popular KEYPOD car key safe

The ALL NEW KEYPOD builds upon the qualities of the original design but is now even more secure. KEYPOD remains a simple, robust, portable, weather resistant, secure storage safe for keys and other valuables designed to deter would be thieves so that they move on to an easier target. But it now blends a FOUR digit combination padlock with an integrated storage cavity which is large enough to hold all know modern electronic vehicle keys (and keyless “keys”), household keys, spare change, credit cards and even some mobile phones.

The 8mm thick padlock shackle now has added dual notches at the either side of the shackle base to stop it being forced open and the storage lid now pivots from the base and has a stronger fastening mechanism. Just place in your keys etc, choose a solid anchor point on the car to secure the padlock shackle, close the lid and shackle and set the keys!

As KEYPOD is portable it can be secured anywhere on a vehicle, for example on the suspension coil, towing eye, under the car body-anywhere that theres a secure point to attach the padlock shackle to. Although KEYPOD doesn't just have to be left on the car-choose any secure place to attach it and off you go!

KEYPOD is a quality, affordable, essential piece of kit thats going to last for years.
NEW Keypod Features:

  • Improved Security for car keys

  • Simple, quick to use, portable

  • FOUR digit combination

  • Holds all known car keys/immobilisers

  • Foam backing to prevent scratching surfaces

  • Improved shackle strength


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sandilands Sept surf

This tues 11th Sept saw a decent northerly north sea ground swell, showing 6ft bouy readings which translated into 3ft waves with 4ft sets at the beach. Wind was light southerly. The waves were peaky and tended to fatten up and be tricky to catch at high tide. The only option was a late take off, steep drop, a short ride then eat it in the sand in a foot of water! There was almost a crowd there with over 10 surfers out, boosted by a showing from the grimsby crew

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sandilands Lincs-surf report

Sandilands today saw a 3ft+ Northerly swell, building throughout the afternoon. Light onshore winds.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Surf hire safety

This scheme is a joint venture between the RNLI and the BSA. It is all about reducing the level of surf-related incidents in the UK. Last year over 40% of RNLI lifeguard activity involved surf-related activity (the highest single pursuit). Surf Hire Safety is aimed at the hire sector that is largely unregulated and offers varying levels of advice and good practice within their operations.

There are currently 1000s of outlets supplying relatively dangerous goods (especially when in the wrong hands) for hire: from large commercial businesses to one man and his van operations. Surf Hire Safety aims to introduce a voluntary code of practice, which allows people renting surfing equipment to know they are using safe and reliable kit.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

North Devon surf

We closed down for a few days well deserved holiday and head SW to the shores of North Devon. We surfed Woolacombe for 3 days of onshore surf which varied from 2 ft to 4ft+. Other than one fairly tricky day with big blown out localised wind swell it was great fun. We also surfed a super clean Croyde at 1-2ft, but even at 9am the peaks were rammed with schools and yellow foam boards appear to be breeding down there. Every B+B or surf shop seems to have a surf school....not sure if it will ever get like that on the east coast, but lets hope not!

Friday, 3 August 2007

Surf Guide to Brighton film premier

Devil County Films, "Surf Guide to Brighton" DVD got its first public showing last night in a club in Louth, showing to the Lincs surf club. It was well received with members mentioning the varied content and cool soundtrack. Grab a copy while you can!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Lincs swell report

The swells dropped today but its much cleaner, longer period 2-3ft, light offshores. Mabo was closing out at low tide but its was improving on the late afternoon push.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Lincolnshire surf conditions

The swell was fairly big tonight 4-6ft but onshore and fairly messy at this evenings high tide at Sandilands. TV was much cleaner as was Mabo, but all had a strong lateral current and the paddle out wasnt easy.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Great White Shark seen off St Ives?

You might want to stick to the swimming pool: a tourist has filmed what experts said could well be a Great White shark 200 yards (182 metres) from a beach off England's south-west coast.

In a front page story Saturday headlined "Great White Shark Off UK", holidaymaker Nick Fletcher told The Sun tabloid how he saw "the 12 foot maneater" while he was videoing dolphins near the town of St Ives in Cornwall.

After seeing the footage of it following the dolphins and crashing out of the water, Richard Peirce, chairman of the Shark Trust, said: "It clearly has a white belly like a Great White.

"And something about the way it breaches -- twisting as it leaps out of the water -- also suggests it is. I'm very excited at the prospect."

Oliver Crimmen, fish curator at London's Natural History Museum, added: "It's definitely predatory and definitely big. I can't rule out a Great White."

Although harmless giant Basking Sharks have been spotted off Britain's coast, Great White sharks -- which can reach up to 20 feet long and weigh 5,000 pounds (2,250 kilogrammes) -- are not native to the country's cool waters.

But marine experts have said the world's largest predatory fish could be seen more often off Britain because of global warming and a rise in sea temperatures.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Extremehorizon Features in New surf book

Extremehorizon and Lincolnshire surfing now grace 2 pages of the new UK surf book, "Surf Nation" by Alex Wade. Theres a small piece on yours truly with some local history and comments on the current state of play. I've not read the whole book yet but it looks promising.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

UK Surf Guide Series release first installment-Available on Extremehorizon

Indie surf film makers Devil County films are well into a long term quest to document modern surfing and its associated lifestyle in the UK.

Entitled the UK Surf Guide Series, the DVDs will be a sequence of films based on the premise of bringing surfing information to the viewer from the primary surfing locations in the UK. The series will reach out beyond the standard format of current surf films, by including not only incredible surfing footage, music from local, national and international bands but also interviews with UK and global surf personalities, a complete guide to everything a UK surfer will ever need to know from board shaping, equipment, weather and wave forecasting, learning to surf, all wrapped up with detailed information on where to surf, sleep, eat and drink within each specific films location.

The first release from the UK Surf Guide Series is available from 20/07/07, is set in Brighton and includes 72mins of footage packed with everything needed to get under the skin of the local surf scene. Music includes the bands “The Soundtrack of Our Lives” and “The Brian Jones Town Massacre” and is a must own DVD for anyone surfing or thinking of surfing in and around Brighton.

The UK Surf Guide Series showreel can be viewed on YouTube at:

To Purchase Surf Guide to Brighton online visit:

Friday, 13 July 2007

Small Sandlilands swell

Last night there was a tiny Lincs groundswell, 1ft at best, but it was offshore, sunny and rideable on the mal. We've been wave starved for a while so it was great just to get in the water.

The beach has recently been replenished with dredged sand which has changed the shape of the top of the beach so we'll have to see what effect it has on the waves.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Lincs coast recent surf

The past few days have seen some good size solid Northerly groundswells from Mablethorpe down to Skegness. It peaked yesterday at around 6ft, with today running at 3 ft with bigger sets, moderate offshores, with sucky long walls at Northend

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