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Monday, 19 November 2007

Northcore Boardriders introduce a new member to the team

Northcore's newest and yet to be named member is actually a cartoon character designed by Mike Vincelli who is the creator of the "Beachnuts Comic Strip" which is an insightful and sideways vision of the surfing world. Mike's writing is clever, amusing and the quality of his artwork speaks for itself. Northcore's concept for the new character was to produce a surfer who's stoked to be surfing head high waves in freezing water to represent Northcore's roots.

Mike Vincelli's bio says:

"We think Mike likes to surf, with head high, on-shore dribble in polluted water being his favorite conditions.

He took some art classes in high school and college, but got sick of drawing inanimate objects and disgusting naked people that shouldn't be seen in the nude, let alone be reproduced as art (so no, he was never an art major).Ba ba BeachNuts is the culmination of his 16 years of being a surfer and a hapless kook.

Also, to the utter disgust of his friends (he has friends?), he can be found in the lineup riding boards that should no longer be ridden - buy a new board, you cheap b*stard!"

More information on Mike's work can be found at

Northcore Boardriders are a British based, European surf & boardriding company with an International heritage, combining British innovation with English and Australian designers merged with Californian know how. Everything Northcore does reflects its roots in hardcore cold water surfing producing tough, practical products and custom surfboards all of exceptional quality, integrity and design. Currently the primary products are surf based accessories and surfboards but Northcore are continually working on new innovations in all the board riding disciplines to supply a growing demand for top end, technical equipment and apparrel for todays surf and snow board riders.”

Check out the new website at:

Or for further information on stocking Northcore products contact:

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