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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

11th hour action

I watched the 11th Hour film recently, which in environmental terms made pretty scary viewing. It confirmed that we as a race are pretty much screwing the planet and unless we act fast there's not going to be much left. As comsummers we can make a difference but buying habits need to change. There are also a small number of individuals in this world that wield most of the power. The sad fact is that they...and one man in particular, hold the ability to make massive positive changes whilst in office. But in his eyes starting an unjust war and lining his pockets with the oil proceeds is more important...if GWB had ever surfed in Texas the world might be a very different place!

11th Hour action is a community that will help individuals and communities connect with each other to help find solutions that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, increase the use of renewable energy, and slow down consumption of natural resources. For more information visit:


Anonymous said...

The eleventh hour is indeed one of the most important films this planet needs to watch. Because without a change in how we as humans live and consume our natural resouces, we stand to become the next endangered species on the planet.

Esoterica said...

AMEN brother! Let's not forget how many people are in the pockets of the big poluters.
Exactly why no gave a holy crap when Earth day was first created.

Just think how much better off the planet would be if the big money gargling companies would have complied when EARTH DAY was 1st created. ... Now they use it as a PR move. Warning! Just because someone says they are green does not mean they are.


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