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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Extremehorizon expands its tree planting for 2008

Extremehorizon are a Climate Neutral business. Its not something we wave a big flag about or wander around feeling smug, it's just a decision we've taken and by posting this blog it may point others in the same direction. We feel a business needs to minimise any negative environmental impact, not as an afterthought but as a fundamental founding principle. There's enough shite being pumped into our atmosphere and we don't want to make it any worse, so we've joined a tree planting scheme to offset our calculated CO2 emissions.
This year we've extended the number of trees planted on our behalf to 750 with the help of the Face Foundation, a dutch organisation.
The project, Face, are currently working on is a Reforestation scheme in Malaysia. The information below outlines the project we are a small part of:

General description:
A severely damaged Malaysian tropical rainforest is being rehabilitated on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) The Malaysian government is striving toward sustainable use of the rainforest and has assigned around 1 million hectares as nature conservation area. The project, near to Danum Valley, is founded by partner Face Foundation in cooperation with Innoprise. Last year a significant amount of research was conducted at the nearby Danum Valley Field Centre. The research and experiences have improved plant and cultivation methods. As soon as the rainforest is recovered it will be managed sustainably. It could then function as a buffer area for the protected area of Danum Valley.

Situation without the project:

Intensive and large-scale deforestation has resulted in a severely degraded forest. Due to the intensive growth of the liana (a type of vine) it is impossible for some tree species to regenerate naturally. Without this project the forest will never return to its natural state. In this project tree seedlings are planted and liana cut away from existing trees thereby enabling them to grow.

Environmental impact:

Besides sequestrating a yearly amount of CO2, the project will contribute towards the biodiversity of the forest. As the forest recovers there will be more food available for the primates, as well as an increase in insects and with that the food source for birds and reptiles.

Social impact:

The area around Danum valley is becoming an increasingly well-known by eco-tourists from Europe and the US. One of the most important tourist attractions is the unique Borneo Rainforest Lodge, a sustainable hotel located in the middle of pristine forest. Furthermore there is a research centre set up by “the Royal Society” in the Danum Valley. Projects are initiated by local people from the local organisation INFAPRO (INnoprise Face PROgram). This project offers employment for the area in tourism, research and nature conservation.

In Addition

Without planting the trees the forest would never return to its original state. There is no local money available to perform replanting. With the selling of the carbon offset credits that are realised in the project, money will become available for further development of the project.

Key facts:

  • Project name: Infapro Malaysia Forestry project

  • Project owner: Infapro

  • Project location: Danum Valley conservation area, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

  • Project volume: 11.040,79 Ha

  • CO2 captured: approximately 100.000 tons CO2 per year (CO2 sequestration)

  • Project type: Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs)

  • Project standard: SGS COV standard (in 2008 CCBA and VCS certification will be added)

  • VERs contracted by CNG: 100.000 per year

  • Project status: in operation

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