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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Are you addicted to surfing?

If you can answer yes to all, or most of the following questions, chances are you are either already addicted or beyond the point of no return. There's no cure, no cold turkey, you're in the club .... a surfer for life:

1. Have you ever lost a relationship because she/he just can't get why it's so important to drop everything and go surfing when there's a swell?
2. Do you plan all your holidays so that the destination is no less than 5 minutes from a surf spot?
3. Do you buy your vehicles based on the suitability for carrying surfboards? (a 2 seat sports car might look good but where's the stick gonna go).
4. Have you ever given up a job because it's located too far from the beach or they won't let you leave early or take a day off to surf?
5. Have you ever moved house to be closer to the beach?
6. Do you become miserable, grumpy, depressed, if you haven't surfed in weeks?

Just think, somewhere on the planet there's a warm water, sunny, offshore, reef or point firing perfect glassy walls....don't ignore the tremors, get out there and find it :)

* No doubt I've missed some obvious surf addict symptoms, so feel free to comment with anymore ideas


Sandman said...

I SOoooooooooooo NEED a tan & some tasty waves. I'm really to lose it!
My Buds call me SANDMAN. I've been on house arrest for nearly 10+months. NEED WATER!!!!! That should sum it up bro!

Anonymous said...

It's may and I'm living in Reno, when I should be chasing the curls. Was born and raised in San Diego, CA. must swim downstream to spawn..... Help!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7. Have you ever missed your wedding on accident because you saw the perfect wave and got destracted with surfing?


Anonymous said...

If they were worth marrying, they would have been there with you!

Anonymous said...

I've never screwed up a relationship due to surf. That's because I would never date someone who didn't love the ocean as well. Now, my wife would be pissed if she didn't get to go surf with me. I like the comment about the car though, very true. I always look at people with their lame overpriced cars and think "he's going to be that doosh with soft racks and rental board on his dinky car during spring break"

Neva Fay said...

I got it so Bad I taught my daughter and all 3 grandchildren 2 luv the BOARD..WORSHIP THE WAVE! Nothing better than a family that surfs together...We call it Ocean Therapy. Best thing in the world 4 your Soul.

Beach Bum said...

I used to sniff SEX WAX when I lived land-locked in Germany for a spell. Sad but true.

Hazza68 said...

Always thinking about my next session or my last session whichever is nearest - Always Itching to get back in the cold, brown, choppy, smelly, foamy, slimey, onshore, beachbreaking, turd floating North Sea.

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