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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Trees for Jet Skis

Trees for Jet skis: Big wave Tow-in Jet ski goes Carbon Neutral

Northcore made the announcement today that they are extending their annual CO2 offsetting program to cover the Jet ski (Personal Watercraft- PWC) used by their brand Ambassador Richie Fitzgerald, by neutralising its annual Carbon emissions by investing in a tree adoption and re-forestation scheme.

Northcore spokesman said of the Jet ski- initiative “Richie Fitzgerald and his tow-in partner, Gabe Davies have a Jet-ski on permenant standby on Ireland's West coast which they use for charging some of the biggest waves on the planet at places like Aileens in Co Clare.

However the use of Jet Skis can pose a moral environmental dilema for tow-in teams worldwide. Its no secret that the use of Jet Skis isn't the most eco-friendly addition to the surfing way of life, so until a viable “green” alternative to internal combustion for PWC's is available these vehicles and the emissions they create will remain in the line ups as essential equipment for chasing down monster waves. So Northcore in conjunction with Richie have taken the decision to offset the annual CO2 emmissions of his and Gabe's PWC by extending our tree planting scheme administered by the Dutch based organisation, Climate Neutral Group.

The CO2 offsetting is based upon the annual fuel usage for Richie's Jet ski which creates approximately 1.28 tonnes of CO2 and it requires 64 mature rainforest trees to offset this emmission. These trees are growing in a re-forestation scheme in Malaysia and through the adoption programme both offset the PWC's CO2 and allow continued investment in the scheme with the planting of new trees extending the project”

Richie Fitzgerald says of his Jet ski going Carbon neutral “Jet Skis are a ‘necessary evil’ in the pursuits of big waves, so I am really delighted to be working with Northcore on their initiative to offset the annual emissions of our ski .”

The Climate Neutral group are in permanent partnership with the FACE foundation who manage the reforestation project in the forests of Sabah in the Malaysian part of Borneo. Here the forests are being seriously damaged by intensive and large-scale logging. The area has become overgrown with lianas, preventing the natural re-growth of most trees. The FACE foundation set up a project to recover the damaged tropical rainforest by planting trees and through sustainable management. Left to its own devices the rainforest would not be able to return to its original state. Besides extracting a volume of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, this project is preserving the outstanding biodiversity of the area. Moreover, the project provides jobs for local people in tourism, research and nature management.

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For more information on Climate Neutral Group and it’s projects visit:

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