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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Big wave surfer, Richie Fitzgerald joins Northcore

Charging the biggest waves Ireland has to offer Richie Fitzgerald has acheived global recognition and respect within the tow-in surfing community, surfers worldwide and amongst anyone who has witnessed him in action on a wave, so Northcore are pleased to announce the introduction of Richie Fitzgerald to the team as the Northcore Brand Ambassador.

Northcore spokesman said of the recent joining, “We are stoked to have Richie on the team, his abilities both paddling and towing into some of the planets largest and heaviest waves in the cold waters of Irelands North West coast have secured him a place as one of the worlds elite group of big wave riders so we are proud to be working with him”

Richie Fitzgerald was born and raised in Bundoran, County Donegal, which has become known as a world-class surfing destination largely due to Richie's exploits as the undisputed face of Irish surfing.
Having represented Ireland at both World and European Championships, Richie now concentrates on big wave surfing and owning and managing Ireland's first intermediate/advanced surf coaching academy.

Richie has been featured worldwide in the mainstream and surfing Press. He was the co-lead character in Eye of the Storm and also appeared alongside the Malloy Brothers in the surfing documentary, Step Into Liquid where he is featured devoting his time to the cross border integration scheme that attempts to integrate children from the North and South of Ireland through surfing.He faced the biggest surfing challenge of his life on the final day of filming WAVERIDERS surfing the biggest swell ever attempted off the coast of Europe to become Ireland's most renowned big wave surfer.

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