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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

How far North can you surf? The Iceland experience

The name says it all, Iceland, you just know its going to be cold. Not far from the Artic circle there are few places further north than this where surfing is possible, but the surf bug has hit Iceland in a big way and theres a small band of hardcore individuals leading the crusade, increasing the sports popularity and teaching their nation to surf. Heres a little more about Icelandic surfing from our friends at

"Surfing in Iceland has been kind of a hardcore sport until now, put its becoming more popular as we have introduced the sport to the public with our one day learn to surf course. We never know what conditions we'll have for the courses or which location we'll go to surf with our clients until the day before after reading the forecast. Sometimes we stop at the local gas station on our way in the morning and take a final decision (after reading the forecast on the internet) on our destination. Theres no population in most of these surf spots so we can't call to ask about conditions. This makes our course more exiting and its never the same. The good thing we have plenty of locations to choose from. So the course is not only about surfing, it is also the anticipation of what lies ahead. We're also sure that there are plenty of surf spots in Iceland yet to be discovered"

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Cactass said...

Polar Bears That's what you call those dudes!!

YLS MAG said...

Hit some very cold water sessions in North Japan quite a few times. Have some good friends up there.
The water gets down to about 5c with air temps around -8c with wind chill.
Painful, numbing, tiring, yet somehow always worth it!

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