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Friday, 11 April 2008

Solo Free climbing

I've read a quite a few surf books and surf mags over the years and theres often a link mentioned between surfing and mountain climbing. Admittedly this connection appears primarily amongst California writers but it got me thinking (not good!)...surely these sports have nothing in common? Then I recently watched a TV documentary on Alain Robert who has to be the worlds most mental solo free climber. He's the guy who climbs the worlds tallest buildings unaided. The documentary repeatedly stated that if Robert slipped and fell he would die... no argument...dead . So in that sense what Robert is doing is a true adventure sport balancing on the line between life and death in search of the rush...much in the same way as big wave surfers. Surfers who take off on 25ft+ waves are staring at a potential life threatening challenge. Deaths amongst big wave riders occur but thankfully only rarely, so I guess thats where surfing and solo free climbing meet, the real possibility of death, true adventure sport where participants step up to the edge and peer right over. Check out this clip of Robert in action, its awesome...

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