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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

British surfing museum "An art History of British surfing" exhibit comes to Grimsby

In terms of surfing, Lincolnshire is rarely placed on anyones map (not all bad as theres more waves for us!) but Pete Robinson who runs the British Surfing Museum out of Brighton has got together with the Grimsby National Fishing Heritage Centre in NE Lincolnshire to host a display called "An art History of british surfing". Nice one Pete! For more info check the press release below:


Art and surfing have been inextricably linked for hundreds of years, and now a new exhibition looks at how both these elements combined to glide into British consciousness over the past few centuries.

From early sketches of surfers during the voyages of Captain James Cook in the 18th century and iconic hand sculpted wooden surfboards, to the flower power of the 1960s and garish fluorescent colours of the 1980s – paintings, posters, photography and film – ‘an art history of British surfing’ is a visual feast.

The act of riding a wave itself, is perhaps the purest form a surfing art; the surfer propelled by a pulse of energy from mother nature, painting lines on the ever changing canvas of the wave.

This exciting new show has been put together by Brighton-based not for profit organisation, The Surfing Museum and is sponsored by the clothing company Oxbow and the Wavedreamer graphics team in North Devon.

Among the artefacts on display will be original British surfboards dating back almost a century featuring art and sculptural form. It will be complemented by an eclectic mix of memorabilia showing amazing artwork from the creative minds of surfers and those drawn to this ancient pastime.

Also on show will be stunning replicas of ancient Hawaiian surfboards hand carved by the Tom Pohaku Stone – a lecturer in Hawaiian culture and surfer of legendary status."

The National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby - June 28th to September 7th 2008

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