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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Big wave event: Chile

Below is a press release from the APT, which looks interesting as it suggests this years big wave tow in events may be a pre-cursor for a future big wave world tour...logistically very difficult and really long waiting periods for events but how cool...

Holding Period begins for the APT/Punta de Lobos Tow-In Event

The Association of Professional Towsurfers, Inc. (APT) is proud to announce that the holding period for the Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu Chile World Cup Tow-In Surfing Championship that will take place in South America has begun and will last thru July 15, 2008.

This will be the first stop for the 2nd Annual 2008/2009 APT World Tour Tow-In Season and it is anticipated that this event will set the stage for the entire tour and the future of professional competitive towsurfing.

Rodney ‘Handsome Bugga’ Kilborn, APT’s Global Vice President and Event Sanctioning Director, along with Chile’s APT Vice President and Event Logistic Manager, Rodrigio ‘Fletcha’ Escobar are excited and ready to make this event a huge success once the right swell is delivered.

Along with the main tow-in event, there will be a big wave traditional surfing contest to be held at the same location during the same swell. In total, there will be $35,000.00 in prize money to handed out. Along with prize purse money, Mike Slattery of (HSA) will sponsor additional prizes by giving away a rescue board to the winning first place team and tow-in equipment for 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Competitors for this world-class event will consist of the top eight rated teams from the 2007 APT season along with Chile representation and professionally established big wave riders from Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, California, Brazil and Ireland.

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