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Saturday, 22 March 2008

A message from Al Gore

Al Gore was the Democrat that was rightfully voted into the Whitehouse by the American people in 2000 only to have the honour stolen away by the dishonesty and scheming of a man more fit to run a mobile burger van than the worlds most powerful nation. Despite the injustice and subsequent diabolical policies adopted by George Jr, Al Gore has moved on and taken on the role of climate change crusader. Americas loss has become the worlds gain because now that Al Gore has more time on his hands he's wholeheartedly devoting his energies to tackling global warming. This blog obviously isn't a political forum but climate change affects us all and the message below from big Al is urging people to support and decide:

Dear Friend,

Global warming is a problem of unprecedented magnitude and that's why we've launched the largest mobilization campaign ever. Actions by individuals like you will be the driving force behind this campaign and our ultimate victory. We're going to succeed, but I need your help today.

More than 850,000 people have already joined us, but if leaders in business and government are going to make stopping climate change a priority, we need you to urge your friends to get involved today:

We need to grow to 1,000,000 members by April so we can send a loud message that we want action now. That is why I need you to forward the email below to all of your friends and family right now and ask them to add their voice.

Thank you,

Al Gore

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