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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Book review-Global surfari

We were sent a new surf guide book a while ago with a view to stocking it in the shop, so I thought I'd do a short review on it. The book's called "Global Surfari-A surfers travel Atlas", its a full colour paperback with a fairly hefty 256 pages. RRP is £16.99.

There seems to be a proliferation of surf spot guide books these days, with the main players being "Stormrider Guides" and "Wavefinder Guides" (we rate the latter as the best on the market, but I'll do a review on these another day), so Global Surfari is another book of this genre that has joined an already crowded space. The book's well written and has some fairly good pictures and it covers the worlds main surfing locations, but thats where it lets itself down. The worlds a big place and to comprehensively cover every major surf break in one publication would be a massive undertaking, so Global Surfari, despite it having a lot of content, has really only scratched the surface. Any serious traveling surfer wouldn't be overly interested in using the book as each destination or country is only given the run down on 10 surf spots max and theres not enough text to give a proper impression of a place. Really for a traveling surfer a country needs a book dedicated to it, which "Wavefinder guides" do the best.
Theres nothing wrong with Global Surfari its an OK book and has its place but would probably suit an armchair reader wanting a surfing world overview or a beginner looking for basic info. 6/10

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