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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jamie O'Brien secures victory at Pipeline

Volcom press release "Pipeline perfection was the order of the final day of the Volcom Pipeline Pro, and local boy Jamie O'Brien avoided the drama to walk away with the win. O'Brien, 26, clinched his third Pipeline Pro title today to take home $16,000 and 2,000 ASP World Qualifying Series ratings points. Surf for the final day was in the range of 10-15-foot wave face heights"

Check out jamie's sick video promo below....this lad can surf!


Edward Lockyer said...

I'm sorry to say this, cause I like your blog, but J.O.B is everything I dislike about our sport.
Small minded, unintelligent, arrogant, bigotted etc.
He surfs really well but.... Do you hear me? I'm not trying to be a negative idiot, I just think for the life he has he could be a lot more gracious and a country mile more eloquent.
Burning the ASP 2009 rule book...woooo, is that because he got smoked in the First round of the Pipe masters?
Sorry my blog is, I was digging yours, I love the winter backyard and the send me to California....I hear ya, but that boy,,,nope!

3eyedtturtle said...

Looks like a sick video, I'm glad they included the name of that song, or else I was going to have to sit and figure out where that beat came from. 1:53 is my favorite part though.

In regards to his character...bottom line is that if you can surf like that, people are going to shoot movies of you; and people (like me) are going to watch 'em.

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