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Friday, 16 January 2009

Surf Culture: Our language and terminology


As with all sub-cultures (can surfers still be classed as a sub-culture? thats for another discussion!), a set of characteristics develop which defines the group as separate from the mainstream. The obvious ones are dress, transportation and language and surfers are a classic example. One of the single most defining aspects of surf culture is the "language" or terminology we use. Some of the words and phrases we use are universal to all countries but some are very specific to particular regions. California has spawned some of the classics like "dude", but our Australian cousins are also very creative and have created some great surf words, my fave, "Shark Biscuit".

We all know of the classic surf terms but what we are looking for here is feedback from you the reader on new words which are creeping into your line-up. The language is constantly changing and developing and it'd be fun to share it. If you could post comments on any new words you've heard or use and where you're from, we'll post them here on the blog. Heres are a few used in the UK:

  • "Lazy eel"- A sh*t. Theres a lazy eel floating in the line up
  • "Frothing"- Mad for it, super keen to surf
  • "Ankle slappers"-tiny waves
  • "Mush"- gutless, small, onshore waves
  • "Willy Wonka chocolate river" - Glassy, brown water, North Sea waves

We look forward to seeing your posts :)

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