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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Peter Troy Australian surf explorer dies

In the not so distant past the landscape of surfing was unrecognisable compared to today. Surfing is a multi-billion dollar industry which has been exported to almost every country on the planet. Exploration of new surf locations can still be a challenge but the potential for new surf spots is dwindling with each year that passes and surf brand investment in these trips takes the edge of what we'd see as true exploration.

This wasnt the case for Australian Peter Troy who explored the planets surf spots during the 1960's when surfing in many places was unheard of and travel wasn't the easy pastime it is today. Peter Troy was a true adventurer who's discoveries and travels were made all the more remarkable for the carrying of his 10ft log everywhere he went. Troy surfed in both southern and northern hemisphere extremes and across all the continents.

"Australian surf adventurer Peter Troy has died from a bloodclot. Troy is best known for his discoveries in Bali and Java. In 1975 he was one of the first to surf Nias He is also known for his part in Paul Witzig's 1971 classic 'Sea of Joy' where he and Wayne Lynch surfed newly discovered Tamarin Bay on Mauritius. A true adventurer, he claimed to have visited 140 countries, many in Africa. He surfed Jeffreys Bay in 1966. In Australia Troy ran a Sydney surf-movie-only theatre as well as a Noosa Heads motel. Peter was born in 1938 in Torquay Australia."*

*source Surfers Village /Pic Bells Beach Torquay

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