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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Byron Bay surfer has close shark encounter

John Morgan, 51, surfing yesterday afternoon between Clarks Beach and the Pass in Byron Bay NSW, was dragged through the water for about 50 metres by a shark. The shark became caught in his leash, however he managed to take the rope off and swim back to shore.

"There was a big swirl under the board and I knew it was a big shark underneath me and it sort of freaked me out a bit and then it hit my leg rope and the worst thing was it got tangled in my leg rope and started towing me out to sea really, really quickly ... I was on my board lying on it but slipping off the back because we were going so fast," he said.

He was having his daily surf at lunch time, on a stand-up paddle board, when he felt the sudden violent pull on his leg rope.

"I had just come off a wave when I saw a large swirl of water, I was then suddenly hauled backwards. It felt like I was riding behind a powerful jet ski. The water was dirty so I couldn't make out what type of shark it was but I knew from the splashing white water that it was roughly eight to ten foot (3m)," Mr Morgan said.

"All I could think about was holding on and hoping the shark would untangle itself," he said. "It totally freaked me out; I'm just glad it didn't turn around and bite me." Despite the fright, Mr Morgan will not be kept from the water. As manager of Maddog surf shop in Byron Bay he enjoys his midday surf and tomorrow you'll see him back in the water

*source Surfers Village

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If he released the leash from his leg, what happened to the board? I mean, did the board continue out to sea, or did releasing the tension on the leg rope set it free? In any event, sounds like it got the blood pumping! :)
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