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Monday, 28 July 2008

Earn a Million $ as a surfer?

I don't think that there's much argument when I say that being a successful pro-surfer has to be one of the best careers available to mankind....surfing the worlds greatest locations, travelling the world and getting paid for it! However for anyone thinking that the ability to rip will automatically lead to millionaire status, think again.

So far there have only been 4 pro-surfers to have cracked the $million barrier in contest earnings. It's no surprise that Kelly Slater with total contest earnings of $1.7m leads the way, followed closely by Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia and Occy. In line for the number 5 spot is Oz surfer Taj Burrow who is a mere $5,000 away from breaking the million mark. It's not a bad wage by most peoples standards but compared to other sports like football, who's stars earn in a single season, the equivalent of surfers lifetime's contest winnings, it doesn't look so impressive.

So if your goal is to earn enough cash to buy mansion and own 10 sports cars, the advice is pick up a ball. If you want to live a life of health, fun and stoke pick up a board (but you know that part already :)

1 comment:

Esoterica said...

it's priceless

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