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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Banning of Facebook Beach party in Torbay Devon?

The article below is from the BBC, who are reporting the possibility that authorities will step in to ban a beach party being organised via Facebook. Apparently 7,200 people have signed up to attend the party in Torbay, Devon this weekend, which is being compared to the Fatboy Slim beach Gig held in Brighton in 2002.

As far as comparisons go this is ridiculous, as there were an estimated 1/4million turn up on Brighton beach. I was at the event in Brighton and although it was an awesome sight seeing so many people on one beach, it was an environmental disaster. There were also 2 deaths and serious injuries on the night, although it could have been a lot worse. If fighting had broken out it would have been a scary place to be....people were having to be hauled off the beach from boats to avoid being crushed as it was.

The Environmental impact was much worse as the beach and surrounding streets were trashed, with smashed glass and debris working its way under the beach pebbles making it unsafe for months. Also I guess that so many people taking a p*ss directly into the sea didn't help local marine life too much either!

So 7,000+ people doesn't sound too bad and I'm all for freedom of individuals to get together to party or protest or whatever-unlike the British government who introduced legislation to enable the police powers to disband groups of 3 or more people getting together which was introduced to prevent outdoor Raves in the late 80 & early 90's.

So talk of banning this party in Torbay has overtones of a police state...we are supposed to be a free democratic nation after all. However it's almost guaranteed that thousands of drunk party goers will leave tonnes of trash in their wake and many will have little or no respect for the environment they are stomping all over, so perhaps a beach isn't the best place for a party of this size? Perhaps a field away from town, although not such a cool location, would be a better place to party?.....

What do you think? Your comments are welcomed...

"Police say they may bring in an alcohol ban to help thwart a giant beach party at a south Devon resort this weekend.

The event planned for 4 July in Torbay is being advertised on networking site Facebook as a "night of mayhem".

Officers have not applied for the drink ban yet but said it was a possibility as they pledged to halt the gathering. More than 7,200 people have said they may be attending what organisers describe as the "biggest open party Torbay has ever seen".

The town's police commander, Supt Chris Singer, said safety was always the main consideration after lack of planning at a beach party in Brighton in 2002 ended in the death of a woman who fell on to railings and a man who died of a heart attack.

He said: "Public safety is paramount and this is why the eventcannot go ahead.
"The so-called planners have taken no steps in respect of sanitation, first aid and access.

He said: "This is a public safety issue, there are high spring tides and, mixed with alcohol, this is particularly dangerous."

Seizure powers

The police had a "large number of resources in place" to prevent the event happening, he said.
"We are seeking to make sure we are in a position to disrupt it," he added. He said it was irresponsible for people to advertise such events on social networking sites.

He said: "Police have - and will use - powers to seize sound equipment and will arrest offenders."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am all for Parties/Festivals - but get them off the beach and away from families there to have a 'Nice' holiday :)

Use a field, multi story car park , Cricket Ground :)

And have some armed crinklies patroling the perimeter - seeing as we are such a nanny state :)

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