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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Surfing for peace

As surfers we sometimes get a bit pi**ed off if the waves aren't good or the wind is in the wrong direction, but spare a thought for the boys and girls in Palestine. Their beaches were occupied for 38yrs, so until recently they couldn't surf at all but now that they can, finding equipment is a big deal for them.

This is why Dorian Paskowitz, a retired Jewish Hawaiian surfer, embarked upon a different kind of peace mission as he set out to bring a stack of boards to the embattled Gaza strip in a gesture of goodwill. He's hoping to get Isrealis and Palestinians surfing the same he puts it "Even God will surf with the Devil, if the waves are good".....

..... Amen brother

for more info on surfing in Gaza visit :

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna! 1,000 thanks for this. i surfed all my life - all of my children haved surfed or in some cases still surfing. do you take used boards? 1,000 thanks again! PEACE & LOVE M. Kurvanti devi dasi.

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