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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Album review: Primal Sky: Tim Smith

Theres a buzz in the US surf world centred around a new CD/album, by Tim Smith, called "Primal Sky, Caballero Del Mar". The word has been triggered by a number of tracks being used in surf movies, most notably "A fist full of barrels", (which first exposed the Mexican "Rincon" to the world). So we were stoked to receive a review copy of the album from Tim.

Whenever anyone listens to a new track or piece of music they instinctively, knowingly or sub conciously pigeon-hole it into a genre, especially surf music, however even after a few listens this album for me, defied definition, which although unfamiliar at first eventually allowed the music to wash over me without feeling the need to over analyse.

Tim Smiths sound is so unique and distinctive, however there are obvious influences, which include a chilled rock vibe and a definate latin flavour- no doubt infused by Smiths life in California. An affinity with the ocean also pervades a number of tracks which brings us to the surfing connection.

The sound of Primal Sky isnt immediate but slot it into the cars CD player on your next surf trip, soak up the sounds of a Californian summer and you'll understand why this album is gathering such a following.

*tracks can be downloaded here (its an external link so has no affiliation with Extremehorizon)

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