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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Book Review: Chasing Dean by Tom Anderson

The latest book by Tom Anderson landed on the desk of the Extremehorizon office recently and as I enjoyed this authors first publication "Riding the Magic Carpet", I was looking forward to reading and reviewing his latest work, "Chasing Dean- Surfing America's hurrican states":

By accepting a lifestyle which incorporates the full time pursuit of riding waves, surfers become blessed in many ways; the desire to travel, the ability to read the weather like a trained meteorologist and developing an open mindedness to embrace adventure are all attributes dedicated surfers will recognise. Tom Anderson has managed to captured and relay to the reader these corner stones of a surfers world in his new book "Chasing Dean".

The true tale is set around two childhood friends from a small town in Wales meeting in Miami for a summer road trip chasing hurricane swell across and along the Gulf and US East coast States. Their trip, its destinations, time frames and schedule are determined solely by the development and movements of hurricane weather systems. The pair track each new low pressure from its earliest conception and plot their journey upon how and where the storm may develop and where its most likely to send its powerful groundswells.

Woven into the journey is the dynamic between the author and his fellow traveller Dr Marc Rhys as the two re-aquaint themselves with their old friendship after years following very different lives. The story sees the author willing his companion into re-discovering the stoke he used to enjoy in his childhood by chasing and riding waves along the US "right" coast's most famous surf spots and by allowing the road to shape their immediate existance.

Anderson's road trip experiences and surf sessions will resonate with surfers who are going to have a personal understanding of the journey with all of its highs and lows. "Chasing Dean" is a travelogue with depth, viewed with a wonderfully British perspective, surfers will love it.

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