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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Whats the cost of taking a surfboard on a flight?

A company called APH have produced a report on surfboard handling and excess baggage fees for all major airlines. Its a useful report and worth having a look. Please note that APH are not affiliated to Extremehorizon and costs listed are as stated by APH at time of posting 15.07.2009

"Surfers planning to take their surf boards on holiday can often be faced with extra costs when it comes to check-in at the airport. APH (Airport Parking and Hotels) has recently carried out thorough research into every major airline flying out of the UK, revealing the excess baggage charges that surfers could be faced with before they fly.

As the research shows, extra costs can vary wildly from airline to airline and there are also many specific policies that relate to surfing equipment. Some holiday makers may find that getting a great deal on a flight can become a false economy if they want to take their surfboard with them. Worse still, the airline might simply refuse to take any surfboards as luggage.

One of the best airlines for surfers is Virgin Atlantic, who will carry boards in addition to your free baggage allowance at no extra charge. Easyjet and Flybe are also good choices for surfers, with the budget airlines charging no more than their standard excess luggage rates. At the other end of the scale is Air France who charge €150 per item that is in excess of the baggage allowance, and British Airways, who do not allow any surfboards on their flight. Below is a round-up of the best and worst airlines for surfers travelling abroad:

Air France – For surfing equipment in excess of the baggage allowance, the fee is €150 (£134.64) per item each way. A flat fee within a 20 kg limit is charged per trip each way and varies depending on the destination.

British Airways – No surf boards are allowed on the flight

Easyjet - £18.50 charge each way when pre-paid. When paying at the airport the charge is £26.00 plus any excess baggage charge at £9 per kilo

Flybe - Must be booked in advance and there is a charge of £20 per sector on a standby basis. On the turboprop aircraft they must be no longer than 4.5 feet in length. On jet aircraft they can be up to 10 feet in length

Virgin Atlantic - You can take surfboards/boogie boards in addition to your free baggage allowance and at no extra charge when you fly Virgin Atlantic. Your surfboard or boogie board must not exceed 477cm (109ins) and must not exceed 32kg in weight.

APH has put together an easy to read table detailing all of the airlines’ excess baggage policies and the extra cost you may face for taking your surfboard abroad. Check for more details."

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