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Monday, 13 October 2008

Tim Davies interview: Producer of brand new surf film "Seven Stops"

Tim Davies, British surf film maker kindly provided an interview for Extremehorizon, telling us about his latest film release "Seven Stops"

"When your a British surfer there is nothing more enjoyable and invigorating than travelling around the world with a camera in your hand and a surfboard under your arm. From 6 lane freeways in California, hopping over coral reefs in Lombok, bbq’s in Australia or maybe just the people you meet and the cultures you can experience. This is an insight to surfing the world! " -Tim Davies

Q- So Seven Stops in now on sale, how long did the production take to create and which counties are involved?

The film took about 14 months to film and edit and incorporates 7 surf destinations. California, Central America, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia

Q- Where was the most impressive surfing?

Hawaii is a fantastic place to film and just observe. We stayed on the North shore right by pipeline so all sorts of surfers would walk past our house like Occy, Andy irons, Jack Johnson and many more. Hawaii during the Winter/pipe masters time is a beacon for all pro surfers which enabled me to hook up and get good sections with Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith and AI plus many more of the worlds elite. The waves here are so heavy and its amazing to see the top guys pushing the limits!

Q- Which country did you spend the longest filming?

Central America was a 3 month duration and with the like of Alan Stokes staying the same amount of time meant I could work a lot with him and get a British surfer a solid section in the movie. It was a fantastic place to visit because as soon as we would finish filming and step off the beach it felt like you were deep in the jungle! A large abundance of insects, snakes, cats and monkeys would turn up on a regular basis which left me with a great tropical/jungle feel to the section.

Q- Which were your favourite destinations?

Fiji has some of the friendliest people you can find and also some of the best waves in the world. Speeding out on boats to the coral reefs at 6am with a long range swell and glassy conditions is enough to make you explode! Also Indonesia as the waves are so perfect, the people are friendly and its cheap living. There is always a high standard of surfing out at the main spots in Bali with the local crew like Betet and Garut surfing really technical.

Q-Your previous surf film was ‘Step into the realm’ which features all the top brits and was really successful, how does this film compare?

My previous film was a surf amp film for Britain which was great but this film has a far higher standard of surfing as all the surfers involved are of an international standard and are performing in the worlds best waves! This film is more informative with interviews with top surfers discussing the pro’s and cons of each surfing area. It’s a travel surf film and I hope you enjoy!

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