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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hydro Foil Surfing

I was lucky enough to meet and interview Dave Kalama a while back. He's a really sound bloke who told me about a couple of things which have remained with me. Firstly he mentioned that his Grandmother was from England (Birmingham to be exact) to I guess that makes Dave a quarter English, which is kind of cool (and a useless piece of trivia!) but he also talked to me about Foil surfing which struck a cord when I watched the clip below on You Tube. At that time he and Laird Hamilton had discussed the possiblity of riding massive open ocean waves which could be ridden for as long as a surfer could stay up (as they'd potentially be hundreds of miles from any reefs or coastline). I haven't heard if they have ever tried this, but if anyone does it'll be these two inspirational men.

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